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New album announcement

You may have noticed we released a few tunes at the end of last year including 'Indignant Swines' and 'Despot'. These are teasers of our upcoming and much-awaited second album 'The Mellified Man'.

It's a fascinating concept - check out the Wikipedia article: Mellified man - Wikipedia

We've taken themes of self-sacrifice and destruction for the album. It's about a man, wrongly accused, doing what he can to keep his family safe. Even if it means sacrificing himself. It's a concept album and each song feeds into the chronology (although not always in order).

We'll also be re-mixing and mastering the tracks released so far - think of them as demos for now, with more polished and powerful releases planned for the album launch.

If you're a fan of ours, I hope you're as excited as we are :) There are some big prog/post rock songs that you haven't heard yet that are close to being ready - but you won't hear them until the full album launch!


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